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Champagne Philippe Lancelot

Champagne Philippe Lancelot

“Estate created by my parents in the mid-1970s, each inheriting vines around the village, namely Cramant, Avize, Chouilly and Oiry, as well as Epernay and Ay.

Biodynamic practices started in 2012 on the vinyards, organic certifiction Ecocert in 2014 and Demeter in 2015.

"My idea is to apprehend and bring out the DNA of each vintage as best as possible and to create there, as I wish, my imagination, vintage after harvest, vintages, each with its own identity, among other vintages. Purity, singularity and why not 'originality', are my dearest wishes, hence the idea 'plots and favorites'.

Each dressing illustrates in my own way my feelings with wine. "

“On this side, collaboration since the 2009 harvest with Hervé Jestin; otpimal maturity of the grapes, no chaptalisation, vinification with little sulfur if not without since the 2015 vintage. Light, verticality, but also shine, joy, fulfillment are our themes and research. Natural balance of wines from their release in the cellar does not necessarily require dosage. "

Si je dois résumer,….'ma devise' - ! - : la nature est bien faite, il n'y a sûrement pas mieux qu'elle...?!

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